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VA - EBM (2010)

"EBM - The Compilation" is the ultimate and comprehensive
overview for this legendary foundation stone of club music
without which neither the Techno-movement of the Nineties nor
our modern electronic dance floor culture would have been
possible. The consequential focus on beats and bass, the passion
for experimenting and the overwhelming energy that EBM unleashes
result in the ongoing fascination that still emanates from this
music more than thirty years after its inception, with a vibrant
scene of supporters that give Electronic Body Music their utmost
devotion and enthusiasm. "EBM - The Compilation" offers the
most complete selection of the greatest club classics from EBM-
history to date, with hits from the cream of the crop in bands,
uniting legendary names, such as DAF, Front 242, Vomito Negro,
Cabaret Voltaire, The Klinik, A Split Second, Signal Aout 42,
Leaether Strip and Pankow and bringing them together on one disc
with the biggest hits from the most important bands of the next
generation, from Spetsnaz to Jager 90, to name just a few. EBM
is no music for passive consumptionà EBM is something that you
have to live. After many half-hearted anthologies, this is the
definitive compilation under the trademark EBM-logo at a super
bargain-price. "EBM - The Compilation" - feel the bass and live
the original!
GENRE..... Electronic
LABEL..... Out of Line
MODE ..... avgkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... 04.29.2010
COUNTRY... Germany

01. Front 242 - Operating Tracks 03:56
02. Container 90 - Straight Jacket 02:54
03. Rummelsnuff - Pumper (Leather Strip Remix) 03:48
04. A Split Second - Mambo Witch (Single Cut) 03:10
05. Spetsnaz - Apathy 03:11
06. DAF - Alle Gegen Alle 04:00
07. Dupont - Run for Protection 04:26
08. Vomito Negro - Stay Alive V.2k9 03:31
09. Japanese Bodies - Leaether Strip 04:40
10. The Klinik - Quiet in the Room 02:00
11. Cabaret Voltaire - I Want You 04:42
12. Jaeger 90 - Wir Brauchen Kein Feuer (Flagge Zeigen) 03:02
13. Pankow - Me and My Ding Dong 04:38
14. Nordarr - Craving 02:58
15. Pouppee Fabrikk - SYMPTOM (Hard Cut Mix) 02:28
16. Signal Aout 42 - My Dream 04:02
17. Turnbull Ac's - We Can Drink Without 03:09


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